No upsells. No hidden fees.

Just solutions, service, and satisfaction.

IT Management / SLAs

A continuous improvement plan where systems are protected and reliable.

Pro-Active. All systems GO.

System Monitoring 24/7

Internet, servers, network equipment, and key systems under watch.

Network / Security Assessments

Quick and accurate quarterly checks for aging unused accounts and PCs, system health, and security vulnerabilities.

Backup / Disaster Recovery Planning & Testing

Monthly testing of file restorations.
Annual disaster testing with full environmental recovery.

Anti-Virus Review & Remediation

Monthly check for updates for a network that is clean as a whistle.

System Update Management

Monthly review to keep your systems humming and healthy.

Documentation Management

Ensure all documentation is current and available to you on request.

Preventative Maintenance

Monthly health checks of your environment to confirm core infrastructure is at minimal risk for failure.

IT Strategy. A service strategy that fits.

Client Reporting

Every quarter we let you know what's going on. So you can sleep at night.

Solution Architecture

We don't believe in cookie cutter solutions.
Expect them to fit your needs and align with your goals.

AS-NEEDED Life happens. Even at work.

Incidents & Fixes

Support on the daily for issues big and small. So you can go back to doing what you do best.

Infrastructure Upgrades

Server on the fritz? Wireless coverage expansion? IT improvement projects looming? Modernize, automate, transform. IT simplified.

  • Server replacement
  • Security strategy
  • Firewall upgrade
  • Wireless access
  • End-of-life/new tech cycles
  • Disaster recovery

The lucid process defined:


Ad-Hoc Support

Problem? Solution. Computer with a virus. Laptop not connecting to WiFi. Cloud nowhere to be seen. The unexpected obstacles that make work … work. Ad-hoc services are designed as needed to get you back up and running.

Less downtime.

More productivity.

Let's keep those unexpected costs low.