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Building a category-defining company, one happy client at a time.

Christian Greaves

owner | 585.789.1115 | cgreaves@luciditynetworks.com The Chubb Institute, 2000 - Information Technology 15 years IT consulting
If you weren’t doing what you do today, what other job would you have? I would attend culinary school. Not just because I like to cook but because it takes attention to details to be a good chef. That same attention to details is now applied to my chosen career path - one that I still love today. Being OCD means the details get done right the first time. Skill or talent most people don’t know about? Certifiable organizational mastermind and efficiency expert. App or old school list, I'm not fussy. I get things done. Check and check.

Fred Moore

owner | 585.739.3857 | fmoore@luciditynetworks.com RIT 2005 – Bachelor of Science: Information Technology, Applied Systems and Network Administration 9 years of IT/Network consulting
What is one of your life goals? To run an IT company of my own. I am lucky to have found a business partner to team up with to make this dream a reality. We share a common vision in which we have a good work/life balance and customer relationships. It’s all about making and maintaining meaningful connections. What is your favorite Book? The Harry Potter series. I enjoy the friendships throughout the series and collaboration when facing difficult/challenging situations. The underlying themes are what make this series so great, like being brave, standing up for what is right, and controlling your future through the choices that you make.